Takamine G series 12 string Electro Acoustic

Takamine G Series 12 String

Here are some features of the extremely playable Takamine G series 12 string Electro Acoustic:

  • Jumbo Cutaway Body Shape
  • Spruce Natural Finish Top with Flamed Maple Back & Sides
  • Rosewood Fretboard with Block Mother-of-Pearl & Abalone Inlays
  • Chrome Tuners
  • Built-in Takamine TK40 Preamp with Tuner and a Mid Contour Switch

All of which adds up to a really neat package. In fact this guitar was picked up in Truro when Keith was ‘window shopping’, here’s what happened.

‘I went to the shop looking for an acoustic guitar having just sold my Takamine G series 6 string. I wasn’t sure what I was really looking for but I must have picked up 15 different guitars ranging from £3500 Gibsons to £199 Fenders. They all felt either uncomfortable in the hand or simply not attractive enough to buy. I picked up the 12 string out of interest and instantly found the neck to be ideal for my style of playing. It was just like the neck on a standard 6 string, lowish in action which I like and a great tone, slightly bright but punchy in the mid range.’

Shortly after purchase Keith headed off to Peter Allen for the once over and a professional set up. Peter’s not a fan of Takamine, more a Taylor man, but he had a look and was surprised by the quality of finish and feel of the neck. He reckoned that Keith got one of the best in the build run!

It could be yours to take away in its Hiscox Hard flight case for £495 or without the case for just £425