Ozark Resonator model number 3515 BE

Ozark Resonator

You’d think that as Keith is a big blues fan he’d already have some form of Resonator Guitar, but no, not until a recent birthday when he was bought this little cracker from Ozark.

The 3515BE features a solid brass nickel plated body with decorative engraving on the top, back and sides as well as block abalone and mother of pearl inlay on the fingerboard. This is a great quality choice for guitarists wanting to explore the unique sound of a resonator guitar.

Keith says, ‘I had never tried ‘Slide’ before but some guys like Derek Trucks make it look easy! Sadly it isn’t and that’s why I’m learning it now. I am improving but have some way to go yet before I would part with this guitar and in any case my wife bought it for me so I wouldn’t sell it anyway. Just like the AC30 she bought me back in the late ’90’s when I was playing more regularly. It’s still a great Amp too!’

Why not add a little Slide to your repertoire and try a resonator. Ozark make decent sounding Resonators at reasonable prices but also check out Gretsch, another great name in the Resonator world.

Sorry, this one’s a keeper too so it’s not for sale.