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I often read articles that ask Guitarists ‘the house is on fire, so which Guitar do you save?’ and they all choose their favourites. If I got asked that question I’d say ‘all of ’em!’, that’s how special they are to me.

So when did my love affair with Guitars begin? Probably when I got my first album ‘Cosmos Factory’ by Credence Clearwater Revival shortly followed by ‘Abbey Road’ by The Beatles. That’s when I started to realise that not only did Guitars sound great but they also looked stunning, to me they are like looking at fine oil paintings, only in 3D. The shape, the touch, the smell and the craftsmanship go together to create something of beauty.

As for playing, well I’m an enthusiastic amateur. As a collector I like many different styles and as a player I have my favourites too, some of which are found throughout the pages of my website. Feel free to look around, read up on Guitars and join in the blog along with other interested people who share a passion for all things Guitar!

I buy and sell Guitars and want to help you to do the same. If you are looking to find something a little special or to find a buyer for your Axe, then maybe I can help you. The idea is to connect like-minded people to promote, buy, sell and admire Guitars for pleasure.

Keith Goodchild